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Preparing you ready for your new baby

Giving birth to many can be a daunting thing to do, particularly if it's your first child or you're classed as 'high risk' which is why hypnobirthing can be sure an incredibly useful tool for both dad and mum-to-be. The best way to prepare is to take part in a course and there are a range of options for hypnobirthing in Cheshire, whether a 1-2-1 workshop, a group course over a weekend or simply regular one hour sessions with your dedicated hypnobirthing instructor.

From Alderley Edge to Warrington, Cheshire is home to a range of pregnancy and birthing coaches ready to help guide you through this amazing journey you're undertaking. Each instructor understands your needs, anxieties and priorities and builds a tailored course around you.

One of the most important things when finding your coach is that they get to know you and your background. Everyone is different and many people have different reasons for using hypnobirthing as a vital part of their pregnancy journey. Make sure you tell your coach all you need to. It's your chance to make your course and experience truly unique and tailor-made to your situation.

Locations In Cheshire

Whether you're based in Knutsford, Northwich, Nantwich, Alsager or anywhere in between, birthing instructors can be very accommodating. In addition to group workshops held in a certain location, your coach can also provide a truly individual service, offering a one to one hypnobirthing experience in your own home, allowing you to feel much more comfortable and a great way to prepare if you want to have a home birth. These antenatal sessions will help you learn more about the big day and allow you to practice and prepare for what's to come.


There are a variety of hypnobirthing options in and around the Warrington area, depending on what you need


Book a session with a hypnobirthing instructor in Chester and Ellesmere Port to help prepare you for this next stage of your life


Crewe, Nantwich and Holmes Chapel all have options whether a 1 to 1 course or group workshop to meet other parents

Hypnobirthing group workshops in Cheshire

Hypnobirthing Workshops

A chance to meet others on the same journey

Booking on to a group hypnobirthing workshop will help you prepare you for giving birth, whether it's to ensure you are confident with letting midwifery staff know your decisions, or simply to ensure you can practise valuable breathing techniques. A group workshop is also a fantastic way to meet other similar parents who are in similar situations.

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Hypnobirthing coaching via skype

Phone Coaching

Ideal if you can't get to your nearest workshop

Birth coaching over the phone may sound a little impersonal, however, sometimes needs must. Your pregnancy coach can send you over the necessary book and information for you to read through, before spending time on the phone working through a session. Several one hour sessions can really help to build both a habit and confidence.

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Birthing Partners

Hypnobirthing isn't just for mum, it's also for your chosen birthing partner, whether that's a husband, family member or close friend. Having a birthing partner can really help to reduce the anxiety and stress associated with pregnancy. Just having someone there to support and understand your needs and who can help coach you along the way is just as important as reading dozens of books on the subject.